Swot Analysis Of Marsk Shipping Line

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MAERSK SHIPPING LINE 1. INTRODUCTION: The Maersk shipping line is the world’s first largest container shipping company. The Maersk line is a private shipping company founded in 1928 by Arnold Peter Moller and known for reliable flexible and eco efficient services. It is a customer focused company. The corporate office is located at Copenhagen, Denmark. It serves customers through 375 offices in 116 countries employing 7100 seafarers and 25,500 land based employees. It has a fleet of 610 vessels with a capacity of 2,933,081 TEU’s. Maersk line is consisting a share of 15.2% of world containerization. It has 59000 customers across the world. It carries 11 million full capacity containers annually and covers almost all the ports in the world. The Maersk line has a new CFO Pierre Danet who previously was a vice president and regional CFO of Hewlett Packard, printing and personal systems in EMEA has taken charge from 7th April 2015. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION: They have received many awards and recognised by the media, many industries and as well as from the customers from all over the world for the work done even though they put their customers on the top priority. The following are the list of awards received from the past years Nominated for the global carrier award 2015 Shipping line of the year – 2011, 2012, 2013 Best global shipping line and best shipping line -2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Green Innovative Award 2010 Award for bravery 2011 Company of the year 2013 Most

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