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The market for food processing products has been growing rapidly in Malaysia. We can see that more products of food are emerging. Thus this created a strong competition between different brands. This review will focus on the direct competition that is faced by Dutch Lady Company in Malaysia. The main competitors to Dutch Lady include the following: 1. F&N F&N Company is one of the Malaysia well known Beverage Company. F&N Dairies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has produced variety such as sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, pasteurized milk, UHT milk, juice and ice cream. F&N is continuously reinventing its communications strategy to adapt to the ever-evolving tastes of consumers. F&N is now embracing new forms of media to promote…show more content…
Customers have a large amount of bargaining power regarding to their consumption of Dutch Lady Products. Dutch Lady understands the power of the customer and has taken specific steps to meet the needs of its products consumers. Buyers always have different choice for their beverage and dairy product. They should know which company product cheaper, more health and best quality. Apart from that, same type of competitors’ product will be display nearby company’s products. For example, Jusco will be placing same type of products together which allowed buyers to search easily. There is low switching cost for buyers. This threat is more difficult to control, because Dutch Lady Management need to concentrate on changing buyer’s preference and also maximize the shareholder’s wealth. Threat of Substitute Products Due to the nature of the industry, Dutch Lady is afflicted with the threat of substitute goods. Ranging from yoghurt, fruit juice and milk, there are arrays of similar products that compete directly with Dutch Lady. It is vital for Dutch Lady to continuously find new ways to improve its products and generate new sources of growth for the company’s future expansion because competition is so violent. In recent years, Dutch Lady has focused on the health and wellness aspects of its products to maintain its edge in the…show more content…
The range of the customers is children and adults. The pasteurized Fresh Milk can be enjoyed chilled or warm, plain or mixed with other foods or beverages and they innovate into Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk provide less fat and more healthier of the Fresh Milk for our body. Therefore, Dutch Lady should innovation their milk product provide more healthy to attract or retain consumer ‘choices. Intensity of Rivalry among Competitors Dutch Lady is powerhouse in the food processing industry. However, Dutch Lady was increasingly facing fierce competition as many food producing rivals had achieved significant improvements in their operating efficiency. Rivalry is fierce in the food processing industry, and this is a good thing for consumers. As long as these companies continue striving to one up one another, consumers will continue to enjoy ever-improving product lines. Nowadays, people more have health conscious when they buying products may choice to buy the products which consists more nutrition. In food and beverage industry, there are many company has provide product that satisfied the requirements of the different customers. For example, Marigold has offer the cultured milk – Vitagen which have consists nutrition products for the body. The Vitagen has billions of live probiotic cultures to help maintain a healthy digestive

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