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Political Maybank Malaysia has been influence by the policies, rules and regulations which have been introduced by the Malaysian government. Maybank Malaysia was one of the first local banks which came up with online banking system. The Malaysian government rules for the banks which are opening up online banking system is that, the security system of the online bank has to be secured enough to maximally avoid cybercrime through the online banking system. Maybank Malaysia created a secured website which customers can feel safe to do transactions online. This is where in Maybank’s website, there would be a security certificate and a green coloured lock which alerts the customers that this is the Maybank’s original website and it is secure to…show more content…
General rules which effect Maybank would be the interest rates. If interest rates for loans are set high, it would be difficult for the loaners to pay back. End of the day, paying loans itself makes most Malaysians to be declared as bankrupt. Having declared bankrupt doesn’t benefit Maybank in anyways because the money which has been loaned out has not returned in. Also, Maybank is now giving out loans for exporting activity to boost the export activity. This is to boost the economic status of the country and to increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.…show more content…
The longer the money is kept, the higher the interest rate but this scheme doesn’t work for Muslims as getting interest without earning is prohibited in the Muslim society. Therefore, Malaysian banks have introduced the Islamic banking system and Takaful system. This is where the money customer invest on Islamic banks are invested on company shares and the profit from the shares are later distributed among the customers. Maybank is actively involved in this sort of banking. Another step made by Maybank is introducing the retirement takaful. This is an Islamic insurance policy where customers can pay a monthly amount to Maybank and the money paid will be used to invest on shares and bonds. End of every year, dividend will be given to the customer but customer will not be able to collect the money. After ten years of payment, the accumulated money with the dividend and interest will be given to customers in monthly payments. The reason behind this would be, Malaysians who work in private sectors do not get pension after retirement. The compensation money they get after retirement is used up without proper planning. This scheme helps Malaysians to plan their old days. The society now is aware of the investment schemes available and wanting to invest on company shares or bonds. Technological As globalisation occurs, everything happens to be in the finger tip of customers. So as such,

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