Swot Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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1. Company Background

1.1. About the Company/Brand

McDonald’s is the one of biggest fast food restaurants in the world with more than 34,000 local restaurants serving about 69 million people in 119 countries each day. More than 80% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and left operated by independent local franchisees. (Jurevicius, 2013) Source: (Jurevicius, 2013)

According to McDonald Corporation mentioned that (McDonald, 2015) their ambition goes beyond what they sell and using the extent to be a positive force for customers, people, communities and the world.
McDonald’s mission is to be customers ' favorite fast food restaurant. The worldwide operations are global unanimous strategy, which emphatically on a surpass customer experience. They promised to ceaselessly moving forward operations include People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion.
McDonald’s also emphatically focus in US, Americans spend more money at McDonald’s than another fast food restaurant each month. They will also trial more new products and innovations. American kids watch nearly 250 McDonald’s advertisements per year, so advertising normally targets children. (Howard, 2014).
In recent year, McDonald 's image from unhealthy fast food to good ‘food served fast’. They serve with egg white, fresh salads as well as wants customers to notice that ‘good food served fast ' instead of humble junk food. (Press, 2014)

1.2. Aim and Objectives
The aim of this assignment is to rigorously review the
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