Swot Analysis Of Media And Entertainment Industry

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Indian Media and Entertainment industry is the fastest growing sector. It has out-performed the Indian economy. Due to the rise in the income level, there is an increase in spending in media and entertainment sector. There is a high growth rate and the economy has been expanding. Due to reduction in personal income tax , consumer has been spending has increased. In this report we are going to discuss about external factors affecting the industry. The company vision and mission. Also quickly analyze and develop the growth strategy by using Ansoff matrix and also the analyse the internal structure of organization by Mekinsay 7s

PVR cinema is the largest multiplex of cinema chain in India. It
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Margin in sales of Food and Beverages is much higher than the sales of ticket. The items included are popcorn, sandwiches, soft drink and many more. It is highly profitable activity. PVR earns revenues from on screen and off screen advertisements.

PP PPVR has different categories of cinema hall, to cater different sets of people they are:
• PVR Talkies: They have started this in tier two cties, they offer superior ambience and high hygiene standards
• PVR Premiere: They cater to premium urban viewers and Gold class sub segments.
• PVR Heritage: They cater to high end
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The theory of the model, in order for an organization to perform well all the above elements need to be aligned. The model can be used to rectify the needs to improve performance or maintain alignment during other types of change

• By introducing more offers and combos in order to lure the teens
• In order to lure more crowds on weekdays like Wednesdays where they are keeping the less/ fixed ticket prices.
• Various modes to book the tickets like through PVR app, online booking, bookmyshow, and many more.
• Its CEO is Ajay Bijli
• It works with 6 department HR ,Finance ,PR ,Booking , Maintaince , and Marketing department.
• The flow of instruction is from top management to all other department.

• In order to motivate the employees to perform better they have kept Best-Employee of the year and Best performance of the year award and this will help the company to identify outstanding employees in various business tasks, specified reward and recognition scheme.
• At the management level, PVR have instituted an ESPS, under which they have issued 80,000 Equity Shares to eligible

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