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Introduction METRO AG, also known as METRO GROUP, is a globally diversified German retail and wholesale/cash and carry group based in Dusseldorf. METRO GROUP’’s strategy focuses at generating a sustainable, long-range growth. With like-for-like sales and earnings being the first of its aims. Which further expands to boosting their performance strength and appeal by optimizing their cash flow and cash position, improving their margins and reducing net debt. The Groups long range sustainable growth is a persistent focus on creating value for their customers. Their strategic decisions revolve around these five focal points These provide the strategic framework for METRO’s business activities and provide a shared direction to the group across all sales lines and companies. Transform Customer’s needs and expectations form the starting point for all strategic consideration for the group. They introduced new services in their business model in order to pique the interest of their customers. The group implemented a new strategy by introducing nutrition…show more content…
7. Actions to upgrade build or acquire competitively important resources and capabilities • 1998- Streamlining portfolio and became a structured corporation. • 2003- The company invested into innovative technologies like RFID. This technology helped them improve their warehouse management while making shopping more convenient. • 2013- Change in top management brought about a change in the brand positioning of METRO cash and carry. 8. Actions to strengthen the firms bargaining position with suppliers, distributors and others • 2001-Developed its sales department into retail stores. • 2002-Consolidating its position as a modern international wholesale and retail company -METRO Group. • 2012- Opened 12 new stores in China making it the best annual opening for any single country. How has company's strategy evolved from intended to the realized

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