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B1. Strengths: these are internal factors
Project Management:
One of the major strength that contributed to the rapid growth of Mittrix Inc. Good Project Management, the project manager works together with, operation manager engineers and construction managers at Mitttix work together from time of planning through the completion of each project. The project is always well planned for, scheduled and tracked and completed according to the stipulated time. The operation manage makes sure the right materials ordered, arrived, and checked before the time of construction. Construction managers and engineers work together to make sure the standard specifications and approved construction documents guidelines are followed. Daily reports, quality
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B4. Threats:

Strong Competitors: There are several other big competors that have come up with more attractive innovative service , and time saving equipments which is making the work more easy for them. Some of these competitors own most of the recent equipments, they only need the o transport them, but Mittrix will have to rent these equipment per day.
They also have more bargaining power over Mittrix, some other these competitors have better access to informations about new projects, new supplier that can source for the materials needed at a very lower price.

Loss of Key People to competitors: Many key employees of Mittrix Inc always leave after a while because if these followings:
Employee become that worried about their financial stability, turnover, fear of layoff, reduce work hours moved to successful competitors companies.
Competitors in the telecommunication industries offer some benefit that Mittrix can not afford, some of the offer tuition assistance, better health, vision and dental insurance, and retirement pension which is not available at mittrix. Another reason why key people leave
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The second weakness is conflict with people who resist change: A transformation leader like him always want a change to be a be able to achieve the set goals, but not everyone employees is prepared for this. The is is one of the weakness of a transformation leader, they sees any one that is not ready or prepare for a change as someone that is against their wish is against the progress of the organization. Transformation leaders found it very difficult to control their actions as they tense to react to anyone who resist the change for new innovations.

The third weakness is too helpful: Mr. Mitchell is a leader who doesn 't want to see any of this employee in an unwanted situation, he is a leader that is ready to cross any limit while helping any employee and the while doing this, a lot of employees assumes that he is only doing this because of his own interest, but Mr. Mitchell is just a helper that is too helpful and will not let any employees be without solving any pending

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