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Milano is a cafe shop in Ashburton area. I have worked here for over 5 years. It has about 50 seats and offer breakfast and lunch. Today I use Milano to do this assignment. Mission: Milano provides the best quality coffee, hard to forget hot and cold gourmet food and drinks, warm and thoughtful, convenient and efficient service to customers Vision: Within 5 years, Milano will have made itself as the best coffee shop in Ashburton area, dedicating all of itself to the Ashburton customers with best coffee, drinks, delicious food and top service. In the future, Milano will have expanded to another key location in Melbourne CBD. Purpose: Make Milano’ customers-kids treat here as food heaven, grownups as sweet home, and the elderly as caring centre…show more content…
The boss agrees with the direction of the organization. After boss’s permit, the documents are ap-proved, copied and stored in archive room. Strategic directions of the organisation Marketing activities would follow the directions of Milano. Directions lead all the marketing activities to the same path. Previous direction has effectively leaded the marketing activities to what we wanted. There are the details. Previous marketing and position strategies Previous marketing and position strategies aimed at customers from the middle class. The early bird special tried to attract those trades with low cost of coffee with food. There were effective. The specials increased the morning sales by 40% on average. Big breakfast special encouraged customers to eat more, but cost less. This special did not achieve a lot. The sales of big breakfast just rose 5%. The average price of lunch was about $10, trying to attract more consumers. The outcome was not good. The lunch did not go up, but sometimes even lower than prior period. Advantages: the price was lower and food cost was low. Disadvantages: the raw material was not good enough. The old menu did not grab more customers, because people like to see some changes. SWOT…show more content…
The significant changes of competitor who is closed to Milano pushed many customers to our shop for drinks, because at first, they thought the new owner changed the brand of coffee and barista changed. Many old customers from competitor did not like new barista’s coffee. During this period, we provided loyal cards for those customers from competitor, trying to keep them. However, after a while, the number of customers reduced and some customers went back to the competitor. This outcome had high impact during the first several weeks of transmission of and went down after that. On total, the profitability is about up 5%. Current marketing performance and previous objectives Previous objectives: 1.Improve brand recognition so that at least people within area recognize our brand in surveys con-ducted by Milano and action marketing 2.Build up goodwill within our target market so that people within area label our company as socially and environmentally responsible 3.To position Milano as a provider of a superior coffee experience and gourmet food in Ashburton 4. Increase foot traffic from 180 to 250 customers per day Current Marketing performance 1. Weekly magazine

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