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.1. OVERVIEW In recent years mobile industry is one of the highest-flying industries in the world because of its growth rate. In mobile phone industries after the invention of smart phones mobile phones not only use for communications but now it carries different features which support the customers daily life style so it makes mobile phones the necessary part of the everyday life. There are many companies of mobile phones are attracting customers through bringing innovations and by reinventing their devices according to the change in customer behavior and needs. Mobile phone market is one of the most competitive markets in which manufacturer always trying or constantly fights to find the competitive advantage on their competitors…show more content…
According to keller (2008) equipment and services are not the most important valuable asset for any organization which builds the actual value in customer mind but It is the brand of a firm which does it. Branding also explains how the mobile phone with the same features and attributes sold at the price three times the competitors for example Apple and QMobile. Brand is a commitment and it tells the customer that they know this name and they trust to the name and building a mutual trust is the primary objective of creating a brand. In today’s mobile industries are working harder than ever before to achieve some degree of differentiation in their devices. Many mobile phone companies have sought to achieve this differentiation by branding their devices because they know that the only tool to survive in competitive market is the popularity of a…show more content…
Especially the mobile phone which popularity has increasing day by day and now a vast majority of users especially youngsters consider their mobile phone as an intimate accessory and maintain a very personal relationship with it (Bauer et al., 2005). As the new innovations are coming in mobile phone industry the life of mobile phones becomes shorter because the new mobile an update version is introduced with some new features and attributes and it also effect the consumer behavior because due to technological changes a consumer specially youngster forced to buy the updated version and it raises the question or problem of loyalty mean in this matter how we measure the loyalty and what are the parameters of loyalty. Also the past research on impact of brand and brand loyalty has been done mostly in mature market considering general consumers (Son, 2010), but as our major focus is on the students of Greenwich university and we are trying to find out the impacts of brand on younger

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