Swot Analysis Of Mountain Dew

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Marketing Assignment: Mountain Dew It is no surprise that the soft drink industry is blooming rapidly within the past ten years. This is due to the factor that it has been adapted into daily living of people of all ages. It might not be the healthiest of all drinks compared to tea-based beverages but the trend of drinking sodas spread like wildfire. Before you know it, there is a vending machine at every corner spewing out various brands of soft drinks. Tasty, convenient and easily obtainable; it’s why soft drinks have been a part of staple food all across developing countries. The soft drink Mountain Dew was chosen for this assignment. Mountain Dew, or stylized as Mtn Dew, is a carbonated soft drink brand invented by the Hartman Beverage Company in 1940. It is a bright yellow-green liquid containing more sugar and citrus flavor rather than carbonation as compared to the other soft drinks available in the market. PepsiCo took over the brand in 1964 and it now ranks in 3rd in the soft drinks category. Mountain Dew 's original formula was created by Barney and Ally Hartman who were Tennessee beverage bottlers in 1940. Soft drinks were provincial during that time so they had difficulty in accessing their preferred soda to mix with liquor. Therefore, the Hartman brothers developed their own Mountain Dew as a mixer. It was first sold in Virginia, Knoxville, Tennessee and Johnson City. They affectionately called it "Mountain Dew" after the Tennessee Mountain Moonshine. The duo
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