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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROJECT INDUSTRY ANALYSIS OF Submitted By: Alankrit Saklani FT 153080 INDEX Table of Contents 1. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited Overview 2 Joint ventures 2 2. Industry Characteristics 3 A fragmented market with many operators 3 Players/ Major Competitors 4 3. ANALYSIS OF MTNL 5 Porter’s Five Force Analysis 5 Buyer Power Analysis 5 Supplier Power Analysis 6 Threat for Substitutes 6 Threat of Entry 7 SWOT ANALYSIS FOR MTNL 7 STRENGTHS: 7 4. Peer evaluation 8 Market share of the players 8 MTNL Sales 10 5. Macro economic factors affecting painting industry 11 5.1 Legal factors 11 5.2 Economic factors 11 5.3 Social factors 12 6. Sustainability competitive advantage 12 7. References 13 1. Mahanagar…show more content…
is a 50:50 Joint Venture between Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, (MTNL). • Millennium Telecom Limited (MTL) MTNL has restructured Millennium Telecom Ltd. (MTL) as a Joint Venture company of MTNL and BSNL with 50% and 50% equity participation respectively. The company will now be entering into new business stream of international long distance operations and will be executing a project of submarine cable system, both east and west from India. MTNL is the largest ISP in the city of Mumbai and Delhi (2 cities it provides its services to) in terms of market share acquired and happens to be the 3rd largest ISP in whole of India with its presence in just being two mentioned cities. The company mainly focuses on the segment of Senior Citizens and conservative audiences. The company is viewed as the most reliable and low priced service and targets the middle class people from urban…show more content…
There are a large number of service providers in this sector and competition is immensely huge. A large variety of products at cheaper prices provides buyer with varied options to choose from and thus have a large bargaining leverage. Owing to large number of segments available in the telecom market, it makes buyer sensible to pricing as the total cost of the service is largely contributes to total cost of the product. There is hardly any competition among buyers except in the case of Enterprise customers. Enterprise customers generate major part of revenues for any telecom service provider. Buyers enjoy a low switching cost in this industry which makes it easy for them to switch to another provider. This ease on buyer’s part makes it difficult for the suppliers to keep up to the expectations of its customers. Better services and customized products act as a Order-Qualifier for this industry. Buyer’s information regarding the availability of different options is increasingly high for Telecom sector. With the ever growing social media, high advertisements and through word of mouth, customers are well aware of the substitute products available with better offerings for not just urban but rural areas as

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