Swot Analysis Of Nablusi Soap

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Nabulsi soap is a natural soap with virgin oil olive, water and no chemicals. The opportunity analysis is high, the product has some competitors in the market like lux and dove. The product is made with natural ingredients which is a strength point because of the availability of these ingredients. The market segmentation that used are psychographic, socioeconomic and benefit, the promotions will depend on some tools like advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing and personal selling, positioning will depend on attributes and benefits, price and quality, also the marketing objectives of the product and the advertising strategy that will be applied. Nablusi soap organization was found in Palestine by Tbeleh Adnan in 1971. It was made by…show more content…
The segment based on customer’s life style, People who used to use natural soaps for their daily essentials will find Nablusi soap an appropriate product that will satisfy their needs. Price is an important factor for many people, the product price average is appropriate for everyone from the target market and also educated people will understand it’s benefits and that it’s natural without any chemicals. The market was divided based on the specific benefits and outcomes of the product the customers will buy the product for its benefits they will get from using it that it’s natural with vitamins and olive oil which make the skin won’t harm sensitive skin and they can use it every day. The 4ps of marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) Nablusi soap is a natural soap with natural ingredients, it’s major component is virgin olive oil that is known for its numerous body benefits also it includes water and alkaline sodium compound. Because the product is targeted to B and C class it will be in appropriate low price to be affordable for…show more content…
The major target is the user of the product so the major factor under sales promotions is the consumer oriented sales promotion because free samples will be offered for consumers to try and also offers like buy two of the product and get one free to encourage consumers to buy the product. It’s the most powerful tool to build brand awareness and attract customers, so advertisements are made as a part of pull strategy to create demand and to reach large number of customers, advertisements will be broadcast among some local channels as a start also it will be uploaded on the You Tube channel and Facebook page. There will be a direct communication between the seller and the customer in different places that include the product like local supermarkets and hypermarkets like Carrefour to provide them with the information they need to know about the product and the company and that will help to get immediate feedback. Social media will be using by creating You Tube channel to upload the product’s advertisements and get a feedback from customers like comments or the number of viewers, also a Facebook page will be created for personal communication with costumers and to give them a way to state if there any problems with the product or the company and to provide them with any information they need to know or any new products the company

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