Swot Analysis Of Narra Company

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1.0 Introduction Narra Industries Berhad, is an investment holding company, designs, productions, and supplies furniture. The company provided living and dining furniture for home and also for hotel. Apart from that, the company also offers service apartments, offices, and also the design fit- out works. Narra Industries serves in the hospitality and the commercial sectors. Not only that, the company also take part in the production and sale of existing products to a number of manufacture venture, as well as highways, stadiums, airport, crossings, tunnel lining segments, maritime structures and building in Malaysia. Narra Indusries Berhad not only has offered its product and service in Malaysia, but it is internationally. They offer the product and service in United States and Europe as well. The company was previously known as Hume Cemboard Berhad but reformed its name to Narra Industries Berhad in October 2003. Narra Industries Berhad was combined in 1980 and it is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Narra Industries Berhad is a supplementary of Hong Leong Manufacturing Group Sdn Bhd. 2.0 Strategic Capability 2.1 Experienced and professional design teams and strong employee’s relationship Narra Industries Berhad provides a professional design team to customize and design various type of furniture according to different customers’ needs and expectation. The company believes that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not only to run a business successfully but it also a way

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