Swot Analysis Of Nestle

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Introduction Nestle has been ranked as the biggest food processing company globally for a staggering 8 consecutive years and the company is ranked #72 place on the fortune 500 companies list. This clearly demonstrates the company’s size and capability as it continues to grow and deliver on its customer expectations. There are several aspects linked to the companies consistent growth with the most prominent being nestles vast product portfolio. In addition to the brands vast product portfolio, the company has also invested heavily on competitive marketing strategies and shown its willingness to participate in several corporate social responsibility projects. Put together, the Nestle brand name has grown to become amount the most recognized globally and continues to register unrivalled growth. Nestles Vast Product Portfolio Nestle has set up 447 factories based in 194 countries across the globe and employees a staggering 339,000 people making the company is a major contributor to the global economy. The brand has over 8000 individual product which are manufactured under the Nestle main brand. These 8000+ products fall under 8 main categories including Food, Processed Dairy Products, Pet Food, (Clinical, nutritional, performance, healthcare and infant nutrition), Confectionaries, Cereals, Milk and Beverages. The 8 categories are also the most commonly demanded consumer product thus allowing Nestle to tap in to a huge market offering constant high demand for the products. The

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