Swot Analysis Of Nestle

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The company we choose for our Project is Nestle. Nestle is one of the largest and leading brands in the world that provide many products such as water bottles, juices, milk (pure, evaporated, powder, tea whiteners etc), milk products, cereals, confectionery, baby food, pet food, coffee, energy drinks and many others. They apply god manufacturing practices to ensure quality and food safety. This builds good quality in the product making it popular in the market and its customers. We would now look their management functions and how have they contributed in the success of Nestle and made it a leading brand not only in Pakistan but in other countries as well. PLANNING: OBIJECTIVES AND MISSIONS: OBJECTIVES OF NESTLE COMPANY ARE MORE COMPETIBLE WITH OTHER MARKETING OBJECTIVES. THE CHIEF OBJECTIVES OF NESTLE ARE AS FOLLOW: * TO ACHIEVIE COMPETIBILITY BY INTERNATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS. * DEVELOP MUTUAL INTEREST WITH BUSINESS PARTNERS, CONSUMERS AND GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES. * MONITOR PROGRESS. * MINIMIZING WASTES AND CONSERVATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES. * EMPLOYMENT OF MODERN TECHNOLOGIES AND RESOURCES. * ESTABLISHMENT OF BENCHMARK STRATEGIES: STRATEGY INCLUDES TWO KINDS WHICH ARE MARKET AND PRODUCT STRATEGIES. FOLLOWING STRATEGIES ARE MENTION BELOW: o AT THE SUCCESSFUL LONGTERM EXPENSE, NESTLE DO NOT FAVOUR SHORTTERM PROITS. o NESTLE MANUFACTURE PRODUCTS IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT CAN SUSTAINED OVER LONGTERM EMPLOYEES AND CONSUMERS o PRODUCTS ARE TANGIBLE AND

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