Swot Analysis Of Nestle

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Serving the world for over 130 years, nestle has differentiated itself by its high quality product mix and positioned itself in the mind of the consumer as health and nutrition company, targeting the health conscious society all over the world.
By attaining a dairy company MILKPAK LTD in 1988, Nestle started its business in Pakistan.
Nestle mostly deals in dairy products as Pakistan is one of the five largest milk producing country. It also deals with selling juices, chocolates, baby food, infant formula milk and cereals in Pakistan.
As nestle functions efficiently and profitably, it provides its consumers with high quality products at premium prices.
Having the worlds largest milk processing plant at kabirawala region, Nestle has also set its other manufacturing plants at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
For educating the people of Pakistan for the need of its product, Nestle had to run a widespread marketing drive when introducing its products as the people were unaware of them.
Available in all of the continents, with 509 factories operating in 83 countries, and having over 231,000 employs, nestle is recognized as the largest food company in the world.
Nestle Milkpak is Nestlé’s well-known UHT milk brand. Nestle. Differentiating its brand by the addition of iron and vitamin “C” it targets the upper and middle class. Nestle Milkpak follows growth strategy as there is vast competition going in the market. it is recommended that Nestle Milkpak should invest more in milk

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