Swot Analysis Of Nestle

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• Product Development In order to increase the sales of the organization it is important to provide the customers with a variety to choose from. When considering coffee products in Nestlé, Nescafe Original is the most selling and most popular coffee product. To lower the threat from substitutes Nestlé can brand and market the other types of coffee such as Nescafe Alta Rica, Nescafe Fine Blend, Nescafe Gold Blend, Nescafe Black Gold etc. This will lower the number of customers going for a product offered by a competitor for a substitute. • Diversification Nestlé extended its business portfolio by acquiring Prometheus Laboratories Inc. a treatment maker of cancer and gastrointestinal illnesses. Such investments can help the company grow outside its established portfolio. 5. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION Organizational structure It can be seen that Nestlé works inside a worldwide matrix structure. Nestlé 's structure centralizes in some operating choices and in the meantime decentralizes in instances of national operations. The organization coordinates its practical abilities and capacities into local groups, for example, to effectively react inside the global marketplace. In this manner by utilizing a worldwide matrix structure the organization can satisfy client necessities from various geological spots (Nestle, 2016). • MsKinsey’s 7S Strategy The strategy which aligns with the proposed redirection plan can be mentioned as follows. Produce a wide range of

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