Swot Analysis Of Nokia

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Introduction Asia is considered to be the fastest growing region in terms of adaption globally for the smartphone industry. A recent study from GfK showed that 120 million units of smartphones were shipped in seven countries in Asia alone including Malaysia and Singapore (Wee. S 2014)
A smartphone is a like a personal computer with similar functions and offering advance capability. It runs completely on an operating system software and a standardized interface. It also offers advanced features such as the internet, e-book reading capabilities, a built in keyboard and a VGA connector.
Company’s Introduction - Nokia Nokia is one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturing corporations in the world. It serves customers from more than 130 countries across the globe. Nokia’s business groups can be segregated into four which are mobile phones, enterprise solutions, multimedia and networks. Marketing wireless voice and data products in customer and corporate markets are the part that the mobile phones division focuses. Mobile gaming devices, cable television set-top boxes, and home satellite systems are the items that the multimedia group sells. As for the enterprise solutions segment, they develops the wireless systems for use in the corporate division. Network sector sells wireless switching and transmission equipment. Nokia maintains research and development facilities and operates 15 manufacturing facilities in nine countries.
Nokia first penetrated the Asia
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