Advolmart's Promotion Mix Strategy

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Promotion Mix

Advertising Advertising offers several key advantages like it will lend credibility to our product and brand. Advertising will introduce AdvaLert to the target market as a new product. Persuading the audience to choose AdvaLert over a competitor’s by allowing NST to strategically place our ads to reach the target market. Once established in the market advertising can remind the target market of AdvaLert’s benefits and value. Advertising has some disadvantages as well; creating an advertisement is expensive for many up and coming companies, many lack the startup to invest in such a large project. Many consumers began to tune out advertisements throughout the day; information overload can turn your target market away. Lack
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Increase brand awareness with social workers, discharge agents and insurance companies to promote the AdvaLert system.

Promotion Mix Strategy

NST will use both push and pull strategy in marketing AdvaLert. NST believes that the brand needs a push strategy to reach out to those consumers that have not heard of the brand and a pull strategy to engage consumers that seek the brand to gain more knowledge of the products and services offered (Push, Pull, and Profile Strategies, 2018). Thus, allowing NST to utilize both strategies to our advantage when marketing AdvaLert.

NST will primarily use the push strategy through personal selling as a way to generate exposure for the brand. By taking the brand to the customer directly NST is ensuring the customer is aware of our products and services (Push, Pull, and Profile Strategies, 2018). A push promotional strategy will make use of NST’s sales force by reaching out to nursing homes, senior centers, medical professional, and tradeshows to generate a buzz about the value AdvaLert offers to the

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