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• Threats
Finally, let’s focus on the threats that may arise from the environment surrounding the company. Spain is still recovering from the deep economic crisis suffered, thus the GDP growth rates are not still expected to be high and competitive over the following years, moreover the unemployment rate in Spain is one of the highest of Europe. In addition, the political climate is tense due to the political changes happening in the government, moving from a right-wind party towards a left-wind one, due to those changes new rules and laws can be applied which could affect the way how Oakley does business in Spain. Finally, the last threat would be the intense competition faced by the company and that could become more intense as it has been seen over the last years with the appearance of new brands such as Hawkers, Palens or Knockaround.

Annex ( employment rate Spain) ( Spain expectations)
Strengths Weaknesses
- Strong brand image and reputation
- Vertical integration model
- High-quality products
- Technological leader - Poor social network strategy from a local perspective
- Low volume of sales
Opportunities Threats
- Active population with outdoor activities culture
- Weather that allows the use of Oakley’s products
- Good geographical positioning
- Presence of world championships - Low GDP growth
- High unemployment rate
- Political changes that may lead to new laws and regulations
- Intense growing competition

7. Challenges

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