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Marketing Principles Report
Old Chang Kee Ltd

1. Executive Summary
This report is about a local F&B company called Old Chang Kee Ltd. The company’s background, marketing processes (Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiating and Positioning) and marketing strategies (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) will be discussed in this report. A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis will also be done in this report.
2. Introduction (old chang kee, 2015)

Old Chang Kee first started out selling their signature curry puffs in a small stall along Mackenzie Road near the then Rex Cinema back in 1956. It was then known by Singaporeans all over the island as ‘Rex Curry Puffs’. Mr Han Keen Juan bought over the business in 1986,
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They also provide breakfast sets as well. The company also worked its way up the ladder of the F&B industry and became one of the well-known and listed companies in Singapore, thus becoming a household name for its curry puffs. Though it’s a well-known brand, its products are set at an affordable and reasonable price for their product quality. As mentioned earlier, the company’s production system is able to mass produce their products and control the quality of their food products at the same time, allowing them to supply their products to all their outlets all around the island. Their fast and efficient service as well as strategic locations of their outlets brings a lot of convenience to its…show more content…
Mobile Kitchen: O’ My Darling

5.2. Price
Pricing strategy for Old Chang Kee’s products is cost-based pricing. As Old Chang Kee is able to do a large scale production of its products, the company is able to enjoy economies of scale.

5.3. Place

Old Chang Kee’s distribution channel is Channel 1, from Producer to Consumer.
The company has over 80 physical outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia, with over 70 outlets in Singapore. Most of its outlets are located at places with high human traffic flow, which is convenient for consumers to purchase. On top of that, they also provide catering services for corporate events, birthday celebrations and other gathering. The company also collaborate with a third party delivery service Food Panda with a minimum order of $25 dollars. (Food Panda, 2015)

5.4. Promotion

Push Strategy
The company uses mainly 2 kinds of promotional tools
• Sales Promotion • Direct Marketing

The company is also involved in the annual National Day Special promotions and vouchers.
A promotion day can be held to celebrate the anniversary of Old Chang Kee since its founding days with special promotion rates to bring upon awareness of the company’s history to the
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