Swot Analysis Of Oldtown White Coffee

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SWOT Analysis Strength Oldtown White Coffee is a food and beverage company that manufacture instant coffee and ready to drink coffee and running a café chain. When it comes to white coffee, Oldtown will definitely be the first brand to come out in the consumer’s brain. This is because, Oldtown White Coffee is a market leader with a strong brand name in the white coffee segment. Currently, Oldtown White Coffee has 220 café chain outlets in Malaysia, 10 outlets in Singapore, 18 outlets in Indonesia and 1 outlet in China. Not only that, Oldtown White Coffee has been offering their beverage products both local and overseas market such as Australia, United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan, Brunei and etc. Oldtown café chain offers consumers plenty of choices of food and beverages that is similar to what a traditional coffee shops will offer. It has around 40 types of drinks and 75 types of food in its menu. By offering plent of choices allows to attract consumer often head over to the café chain and try different kinds of food and beverages. Oldtown not only offered the consumer with just one flavor of White Coffee, they also offered different types of flavour such as Hazelnut White Coffee, Canse Sugar White Coffee, Roasted White Coffee and etc. By offering different varieties of beverage allow Old Town to take the lead in the White Coffee market. Weaknesses Oldtown White Coffee is a well-known white coffee brand around Southeast Asia country. Products and café chain can

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