Swot Analysis Of Panda Company

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Competitive international brands would almost have the same financial capabilities as well as massive distribution systems like Panda Company. They may seriously affect the profit margins of the firm based on an aggregate viewpoint.
Competitive threats The e-business of Panda Company is currently facing several competitive threats. These are composed of: 1) new online commerce entrants; 2) new digital products; and 3) new business models. The threat of new online commerce entrants refers to new startup competitors in the industry. On the other hand, new digital products are threats since the Internet facilitates marketing with a broader scope at a lowered cost. Lastly, new business models means discovery of new ways in service delivery.
Sell-side Threats The sell-side threats of the e-business by the Panda Company would be customer power and knowledge, and power of intermediaries. Customer power and knowledge is considered to be the most significant threat to online commerce. This eventually leads to commoditization which makes the client base more sensitive to pricing. Another sell-side threat is power of intermediaries which may lead to losses in distributors and partners because of disintermediation. This would directly remove intermediaries from the Panda Company’s supply chain.
Buy-side Threats The buy-side threats of Panda Company’s online commerce are comprised of power of suppliers and power of intermediaries. Power of suppliers means that the firm would
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