Papa Johns Swot Analysis Essay

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Since Papa John 's strengths are at its fresh ingredients and customer service, the company has distinguished itself from other competitors, which are contending with one another on price strategies. Papa John 's has high quality and higher prices while the others fall into other categories. They are seen as the best in service and higher quality product. By offering a superior product at a higher cost, Papa John 's has established that its focused on customers of middle incomes families, often teenagers who have a tendency to have a higher than normal pay with disposable income and are often brand-conscious, regular customers. Another strategy Papa John 's uses is taste testing. The target of taste testing is to determine feed backs of the brand versus its competitors. Taste testing uncovers brand dissimilarities and a customer 's preferred choice of each brand. By doing taste tests the company can then figure out how they are seen by customers and can improve their brand positioning of their product in today 's market. Papa John’s restaurants offers a menu of high-quality pizza alongside extras such as chicken strips, wings, breadsticks and cheese sticks, desserts and bottled or canned beverages. Papa John’s traditional crust pizza is prepared using fresh dough. Papa John’s pizzas are made from a precise blend of wheat flour, cheese made from 100% mozzarella, fresh pizza sauce made from vine-aged tomatoes and not concentrated ones, a various mix of savoury spices, and a choice of high-quality meat, which is 100% meat or chicken with no fillers…show more content…
This component of the promoting blend covers the different organizational outputs that a company gives to its aimed customers. McDonald 's product mix has the accompanying main product offerings: 1. Hamburgers 2. Chicken and Fish 3. Salads 4. Snacks and Sides 5. Beverages 6. Breakfast 7. Dessert and

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