Swot Analysis Of Parle G

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Parle-G or Parle Glucose is a flagship biscuit brand, manufactured by Parle Products in India. It is the largest selling brand of biscuits in the world in 2011 ,according to Nielsen. PArle Baby on its packet has been one of the distinguishing elements of the Parle brand. Parle constitutes almost 70 % of the glucose biscuit market in India and hence is the market leader in the glucose biscuit category. Parle-G has become the India 's first domestic FMCG brand to cross the mark of Rs.5,000 crores in retail sales. Parle produces almost 400 million parle biscuits per day. Major competitors of Parle G are ITC’s Sunfeast Glucose Biscuit(8.9%) and Britannia’s Tiger Glucose Biscuit(15.4%). Other prominent brands(5.2%) in the glucose biscuit category include Priyagold’s Glucose Biscuit , Horlicks Glucose Biscuit and Anmol Glucose Biscuit. 2. Distribution Channel of Parle-G:…show more content…
Parle owns 10 manufacturing units and 75 other manufacturing units are working under contractual basis across India. It has a network of 31 major depots and more than 1500 distributors across India in its supply chain. Parle-G is sold across more than 5 million retailers in India. These manufacturing facilities supply to various depots located throughout the state. Each depot supplies across a fixed number of districts in a state to a number of distributors under their jurisdictional area. The distributors, in turn, sell different product lines of Parle to the various retailers, throughout the geographical territory, allocated to
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