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People Tree People Tree is in the business of selling stunning and exclusive clothing and accessories handmade by artisans across the globe. It has collaborated with designers like Peter Jensen and Orla Kiely to make Fair Trade clothing stylish. It guarantees everything it sells is fair trade, ethical and dependable. Its products are created from natural materials like organic cotton and wool. It joins hands with highly skilled and experienced artisans and producers and give back to make their communities stable. It has altered the fashion industry and verified that fashion can be good for people and the planet. Owing to finest quality clothing and accessories, People Tree has emerged as one of the most innovating fashion retailer, which cares about people as well as the environment. Right from beginning of the production to the final dispatch, our products conform to the uppermost environmental and Fair Trade standards. Thereby ensuring that it is probable to be wear exciting, reasonably priced and fashionable clothing without harming the environment or supporting child labor. Facts about People Tree People Tree is a fair trade fashion store which is located both in Tokyo and London. The company was founded in 1991. Organic cotton is utilized in the production of fabrics used to create fashions sold from People Tree. Orders in the United Kingdom that meet the least order amount qualify for free Standard UK Delivery. A minimum charge for qualifying order amounts is taken

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