Swot Analysis Of Pepsi

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Executive Summary This paper is consisting of the information we gathered from the company we have chosen as our client. It explains the study of the business that our client has. It shows the system, processes, and way of life the client has in the workplace. It includes all the information about the business. In this paper, the researches study on how they will make the business to be more competitive and effective inside and outside of the market. The study includes the situational analysis that consists of the Marketing Environment, political forces, economic forces, social forces, and technological forces (PEST). The SWOT Analysis is also indicated in the study, that it explains the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the client. The SWOT Matrix are also included, which it explains the combination of the SO (Strength,Opportunities), WO (Weaknesses,Opportunities),ST ( Strength,Threats) and lastly is, WT (Weakness,Threats). Lastly, the researchers make a study on how to strategize the market. Introduction Pepsi Cola is, much the same as Coca-Cola, a formation of an American drug specialist. In 1893, 5 years after the presentation of Coca-Cola, Caleb Bradham started to serve his clients 'Brad 's Drink ' from his own particular pop machine. Due to the positive responses of his samplers he chose to start promoting in 1898 and he named the beverage Pepsi-Cola. He established the Pepsi-Cola Company in 1902. Pepsi-Cola is a major accomplishment in the

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