Swot Analysis Of Pepsico

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• Performance: One the most important factor for any organization is to sustain and to continue the good performance that has been reached by the organization. However, PepsiCo has selected the performance as one of the high important element to sustain its success and growth. In order to its customer as we as consumers, PepsiCo has taken the performance very seriously and keep its improvement as one of its goal. By delivering good performance, the company will sustain its shareholder value and will achieve superior long term financial performance. • Human Sustainability: In order to meet changing consumer needs PepsiCo will continue supplying the multi choices of food and beverage to our consumers by reducing sodium, added sugars and saturated fat, and also increase our products choices for our consumers in our portfolio. Moreover, PepsiCo will continue proving its consumers with very clear details and nutrition information about its products and also present them very well designed to the customers, including children, taking in consideration that all product is still meeting the requirements of the label polices as well as global standers. • Environmental Sustainability: - Help in saving and protect the supply global water, especially in the areas suffer from water scarcity and provide them the safe water. - Continue working and innovating to make the packaging materials more sustainable as this will help to minimize the impact on the environment. - Ensure sending the

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