Swot Analysis Of Peta International

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Group Members: Yee Kai Mun 15025844 Seow Pei Pei 15105851 Tan Jing Xin 15106826 Ng Pei Moon 16000010 Tan Yee Chin 16040016
Subject Code: MKT 1014/1024 Principles of Marketing
Lecturer’s Name: Dr Sivakumari Supramaniam
Tutor’s Name: Ms Yen Yen Ang
Topic: Mini Marketing Plan – Health and Fitness Table of Contents
Executive Summary 1
Current Market Situation 1-4
Unique Selling Proposition 4-5
Marketing Strategy 4Ps 5-6
Action Programs 7
Conclusion 8
1. Executive Summary
This marketing plan is to raise the brand awareness of PETA International that launched few months ago. The marketing plan included company analysis, customer analysis and competitor analysis. Company analysis mentioned about the SWOT analysis and the use of S-O strategy. While customer analysis stated the segmentation, targeting and positioning. The competitor analysis mentioned about the direct competitor and indirect competitor such as Amway and NuSkin.
2. Current Market Situation
2.1 Company Analysis
Strengths are the factors that affect the brand awareness of PETA International and maximize the members’ performance. Some of the example include the company have innovative culture, unique product and the products are imported from japan that undergo quality check by Ministry of Health Malaysia.
Weaknesses are the factor that will affect the progress of company to bring up

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