Swot Analysis Of Plecommunication Industry

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SBM 2015 NANYANG POLYTECHNIC Prepared by: Joanna Tee Kai Yin (131811J) [BRC INDUSTRY RESEARCH PROJECT-TELECOMMUNICATION] Supervisor: Ms. Jaime Wee I. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Industry Overview: Domestic/International 3 Introduction (Telecommunication Industry) 3 a. What is Telecommunication? 3 b. Industry Players (3 Major Telecom Operators) 3 c. Product Offerings 3 d. Geographical Diversification 3 History (Past) 4 The Liberalization and Privatization of Telecommunications in Singapore 4 Singapore’s Telecom Industry Market Structure 4 Current (Present) 4 Government Associations 4 Decline of 2G/3G and Expansion of 4G 4 Radio, Television and Internet Service Operators 6 Industry Analysis 8 Michael Porter’s Five Forces 8 SWOT Analysis 9 Overall Telecom Industry 9 a. Singtel 9 b. Starhub 10 c. MobileOne (M1) 11 PEST-E Analysis 12 Political 12 Economic 12 Social-Cultural 12 Technological 13 New Developments and Government/Industry Initiatives 14 Conclusion 15 References 16 Appendix 16 II. Executive Summary III. Industry Overview: Domestic / International Introduction to Telecommunication Industry A. What is Telecommunication? Telecommunications refers to communication over a distance through cable, telegraph, telephone, or broadcasting. It is a communication tool playing a significant role in social relationship to help overcome the distance between

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