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Every association is self-possessed of some internal strengths and weaknesses and also has some external opportunities and threats in its entire life cycle. This following will momentarily pioneer the consumer to Prime Bank Limited’s internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats. Products and services of Prime Bank The Prime Bank Limited launched numerous monetary products and services since its inauguration. Prime Bank Limited offers diverse kinds of deposit products and loan schemes. The bank also has well qualified specialized personnel who have the competence to manage and deal with all the necessities of the bank. Every account is assigned to an account manager who personally takes care of it and…show more content…
Credit card Credit card In the year of 2005, Prime Bank Ltd has launched VISA. Before that Prime Bank Limited started its credit card procedure in 1999 by launching Master Card. Now Prime Bank Limited has become the first local bank of the nation state to attain prime association of both the universal received synthetic money network i.e. Master Card and VISA. Prime Bank Limited has redesigned the credit card competence by providing the inducement of “Free Life Insurance Coverage” for their respected cardholders to alleviate the monetary jeopardy. (primebank,2016) On-Line banking The bank has place up a Wide Area Network (WAN) across the nation state to provide online branch banking ability to its valued clients. Under this plan, clients of any branch shall be capable to do banking operation at other twigs of the bank. (primebank,2016) Under this agreement a purchaser will be able to do following type of transactions: Money extraction from his or her account at any branch of the…show more content…
Their spotlight is not on short-term profit, but on construction long-term relationships and standing by their consumers. An exceptional commerce concentrate on enabling venture financing, employment, speculation and supply chain financing for clients is maintained. Endeavor is to be a one-stop entrance for commercial and financial institutions looking to lengthen their commerce. They concentrate utterly on commercial and institutional patrons, contribution clients’ entrance to wide-ranging branch system and high-quality suite of situation of the art services.

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