Swot Analysis Of Public Companies

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PUBLIC COMPANY Also called as “Public-traded Company”, a company that sells stock to the public and the stock is traded on an exchange. It has also the ability to increase access to the debt markets and to sell future equity stakes. When it comes to qualification shares, the directors of a public company must sign an undertaking to attain the qualification shares of the company. (Investopedia) The purpose of public company is to earn profit and to sell shares through a Stock Exchange to increase the company’s cashflow and thereby making improvements and expansion faster. The best example of public company in Philippines is San Miguel Corporation. As of April 20, 2012, it is one of the eight Philippine firms on the Forbes List of 2000’s World’s…show more content…
They could be the employees, who have stake in the company’s success and incentive for the products to succeed. For BreadTalk, some of the stakeholders are employees, government, lenders, customers and investors. Employees are the people who are hired in an organization to provide services for the customers. Their objective is to receive salaries, benefits and job security. As for BreadTalk, they offer different careers such as chef, manager and cashier man for those who are interested to work in their organization. To meet their objectives, BreadTalk caters to the needs of the employees by paying them the right amount of salary for their position. The government provides laws and regulations to the organization. Their objective is to receive payment of taxes from the organization. BreadTalk ensures that they pay the right taxes at the right time. (how) (when) Lenders provide funds to the organization. Their objective is to receive the same amount with added interest on time. Examples of lenders in this organization are the banks and other financial institutions. In order to meet their objectives, BreadTalk pays back the loan with an interest.…show more content…
They judge BreadTalk by the taste of their products. The word-of-mouth is the main contribution of customers to the business. BreadTalk ensures that they serve the best bread to satisfy the customers to meet the customers’ objectives. Lastly, the investors provide money to the business in exchange for ownership. They are basically the owners of the business. Their main objective is to earn profit and to make the business successful. In order to meet these objectives, BreadTalk must have good financial condition to increase their sales. When profit increase, the shares of investors will increase as well. 1.3 RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE ORGANIZATION AND STRATEGIES EMPLOYED TO MEET THEM BreadTalk’s vision is to establish itself as a brand and company known for its novel, trend setting and delicious pastries and breads. (Lee, 2003) Its mission is to lead a new lifestyle culture, creative differentiation to craft products with passion and innovative changes. (BreadTalk Product and Service) In this section, the responsibilities of BreadTalk will be discussed: ETHICAL ISSUE:
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