Swot Analysis Of Red Bull

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Point of Purchase
Another nifty tactic employed by Red Bull to reinforce and build brand equity is setting up Red Bull refrigerators and other signage in many nightclubs and bars. There is a team of dedicated Red Bull employees who are responsible for going out in vehicles covered with the Red Bull logo and servicing these locations ensuring a full stock of Red Bull and making sure all necessary advertising is up. This reminds party goers that Red Bull is available and as soon they start yawning or feeling a little sluggish, they should head to the bar and order some “Wiings”. All of these marketing tactics described above have been successful in building brand equity at Red Bull and this author would not change any of them. They are all integrated with the one another and suggest the effectiveness and uniqueness of Red Bull that made it the best. Other tactics that Red Bull is currently implementing should prove to strengthen the brand even further as we progress through the 21st century. Currently, there are over 2 million Red Bull Facebook fans. It seems as though everyone uses social networking these days, especially many of the people associated with extreme sports and night life. So Red Bull is wise to branch out into the social networking world. Although it seems to this author that Red Bull is using Facebook for primarily one-way communications, meaning they post something every other day or so and that is it. All communications after that are from fans. Red Bull

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