Swot Analysis Of Red Bull

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• External analysis is one of the most importing steps which each company has To set To reach the success. Then in the first place we analyze the market of energy drinks, they first were spread in America influencing the rest of the world, red bull like occupy the largest part of drinks the most known sold to the world. For the consumers, it is the men’s from 18 years old in more that buy it . Furthermore Positioning; the product is often associated with the extreme sport which is characterized by the overtaking, people who need the energy during their day such as the students, the sportsmen, people who are lacking sleep. The teenagers and the young men who are obsessed by the parties are the ones who are generally targeted by the company, Let us not forget the sportsmen also, the people who look for the concentration for certain period… • 2- Internal analysis: SWOT -Strengths: industry leadership: red bull is the leader in the energy Drinks market . The company gained approximately 80 % of brands share ‘s drinks energetic in Uk . The marketing successful strategy which they have uses will help to integrate energy drinks into each country around the world , by increasing the awareness brand through the advertisements which target the groups of 18-25-year-old young people .all this thanks to the unique advertisements where they’re sponsoring the sports of adventures like the formula 1 - skiing and the parachuting etc . The unique slogan “ gives you the wings “ is

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