Swot Analysis Of Resort Marketing

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In order to maintaining and gaining the competitive advantage, we target our customer based on demographic segmentation, in this segmentation we aim the couple as our target market. This is because since our resort main facilities is spa, those couple can come with the other half to enjoy our luxury spa. Besides, we also aim the family who come with their family members as our target customer, this is because our resort has many facilities and activities for them to enjoy during their holiday.
Besides, we also target our customer based on psychographic which is those who just want to experience the spa facilities and service. The reason we target this kind of customer is because one of the core product provide by our resort is spa.
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Marketing strategy
The marketing strategy applied by the resort is 4Ps of marketing mix and SWOT analysis. In 4Ps the first concern is product, the core product for our resort is resort suite room which the guest will stay with particular night, we have offer garden room, regular suite, deluxe suite and executive suite. For the facilitating product, we provide customer service hotline, so our guest or people can call to us for any inquiries. We also have spa facilities and service, bar, restaurants, front desk as well as online reservation. By doing this, we can enable our customer to consume our core product.
For the supporting product, we offer 24/7 room service, concierge service, wake up calls. All these supporting products can help resort add the extra value for our customer when they stay in our resort. The augmented product of the resort is relaxed atmosphere, incredible room design, high class restaurant, luxury spa facilities as well as membership
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The Cyberview Resort & Spa charge a standard room at Rm260 while Roman Resort and Spa charge a standard room for Rm 299. In comparison in addition service, Cyberview Resort & Spa does not provide any free drinks in room but Roman Resort & Spa provide limited complimentary drinks in room, and provide free baby cots while cyberview they do not.
The Amverton Cove Golf and Island Resort they offer a standard room for two persons at Rm 209 but we offer Rm 299, the Amverton is located at Port Klang, malayisa whereas our resort located at Setapak, Klang Valley, Malaysia. Amverton their standard room is about 37 square meter but our resort standard room is about 43 square meter. Therefore, the we charge such higher price but we provide a better service and

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