Swot Analysis Of Restaurant Industry

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The bar and restaurant industry reflects economic climate as drink and dining out is often the first spending cut done by most consumers but if there any increase at all in the disposable income these are the first luxury the consumer take back.
As the sector has a steady growth for the past 25 years in Toronto Canada it contributes to many areas such as the local communities, and its huge numbers of employees from the local communities that in return generates revenue in outer sectors food and drink manufacture/suppliers, farmers, glass makes and the technology sector it also contributions to tax revenue healthy and other economic activities.
As for the labour pool you might think it would be vast considering how easy it is to enter this occupation due to little education is needed but the labour pool can barely fill employers need as the sector is vast and its difficult working conditions such as evening weekends seasonal and part-time contracts shrink the labour pool dramatically and them when you get good staff train them they move on in the
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Supplier’s power
In Canada Toronto, it seems that the distributors can charge at a higher retail price to a licenced bar and restaurant because of legation hasten charged since the 70s to help the industry and the consumer.
Substitutes for a customer if we don’t have a particular product as it’s a bar and restaurant especially they many different brands that are similar in sight and taste and a restaurant if we don’t have some they many different products they can choose from on the

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