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B. Market Needs
Chennai Dining prepares spicy food using exotic spices form southern India and provides homely environment similar to the family values that core of Southern Indian Culture. Chennai Dining will provide smiley warm welcome and mouthwatering food that feels like at home. We have well trained professional in Southern Indian culture and cooking. The prices are comparable with excellent services. Our goal is establish the presence, relationship and value proposition which will drive profit automatically. Revolutionize ethnic food with touch of spices and special beverages that is no longer meant for tropical place like Chennai.
1. Convenient Location
Chennai dining is located walkable busy Portland down town which makes it easy
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Everyone look for more value for the dollar they spend. Chennai dining will send focus on healthy conscious and the same time cost conscious. With long term contracts with the suppliers, good inventory ordering software, partnering with local hospitality establishment and business lunch the prices will be competitive. We obviously keep affordability in mind with our competitor, other dining industry to be competitive. Offer many reward for regular and repeat customers. Promote discount and specials during holidays to attract more customers. Being aware of our food industry pricing and competition will give Chennai Dining ability to price the products that are right for all kinds of…show more content…
Portland Maine has highest restaurant per capita in the country. When the economy is good, particularly with low oil prices, citizens come out and spend money on fine dining. Chennai Diner expects to grow as the tourist flow increases due to improvement in economy as well both skilled and other immigrant choosing Portland as home. When more people moving to Portland will have a great positive impact on Chennai Dining. Chennai Dining customer can be divided in to 5 categories. First category is regular customer who lives in and around Portland for relaxing ethnic food. The 2nd category is resident who is native of southern India. Third category is business customer who dines during busy lunch time or after hours for a relaxed dinner. The fourth category is a traveler who visit, pass through or stay in Portland for a short period of time. The fifth customer type is the one who like to taste ethnic food occasionally. Take out is a quick, convenient and affordable choice for those who do not have time to dine, but wants to enjoy the spicy food. We being in social media and on the web for on line order or reserve a table make it convenient for customer and potential for us to grow. According to XXX, consumers spend more money for food services. As spicy dining business grows, we will expand to other locations and introduce more products. We will start franchise to other location with the same level of services and option to

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