Swot Analysis Of Rice Coffee

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Target Market Segments: Customer Profile(s) Age 16 – 18 56 18 – 20 166 20 and above 28 Gender Female 178 Male 72 Allowance per week 500 – 1000 107 1000 – 1500 56 1500 - 2000 35 2000 – 2500 28 2500 - 3000 18 3000 and above 6 In this chart, it was shown that students ages 16 – 18 can be one of the company’s target markets. On the other hand, having a group of students with an average an age of can amount to an assumption of 18 – 20. This pie chart shows that there are more females compared to males which in assumption that the company’s customers will be more on females. Based on the data gathered, the company owners were able to determine that most students’ weekly allowance ranges from 500 – 1000. With these information, the organization will be able to know where to position their product. From the feedback of the interviewees from the direct interview survey that was conducted, HORYZON concluded that there are a number of alternatives already available in the market that may be chosen over rice coffee. With this, the company enumerated the specific taste resemblance of the ‘rice coffee’ as per the interviewees namely: oatmeal juice, soy milk, coffee, tea. This only proves the amount of awareness our target market has among the products in relation to rice coffee, based on their daily or weekly intake and/or consumption of the above mentioned beverage tasting rice coffee resemblance. Our customer profile is that of an average college student who gets

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