Swot Analysis Of Ryanair

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In SWOT quadrants, having more strengths would be a huge stepping stone to a company. Strength will create good reputation, increases customers’ loyalty, profitability and also in gaining new customers. As for Ryanair Holdings, it has built a very strong brand name for over more than 25 years since it was founded in 1985. Strong brand name would be a very tough strength to beat by other competitors. Brand name has made the customers stick to Ryanair as it fulfills all their needs and wants. Even though this company has suffered severe financial crisis in 1990, after restructuring in which they adopted the Southwest Airlines business model, Ryanair became the pioneer of the low-fares model in Europe. On the other hand, another strength that can be highlighted from this airline is that they are charging for ancillary services. Ryanair also has been categorized as the “Ancillary Revenue Champs’ by the 2010 Amadeus Guide to Ancillary Revenue. Although they charged for the services, these attract more customers as they are available at single platform. Ryanair knows that the more the customers, the lower the cost and no doubt that the profits would be high. Ancillary services include trip managements, hotel reservations, car rentals, priority boarding, food, infant equipment, sports and musical instruments. Apart from that, Ryanair has decided to use only a single aircraft model which is the Boeing 737-800 and this is the modern and low cost fleet aircraft. The jet is one of

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