Swot Analysis Of Ryanair

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A SWOT analysis of Ryanair’s strategy with regard to its leadership and management by Michael O’Leary will help us understand if Ryanair can capture its projected market share and make a mark in the European airline industry.
SWOT Analysis:
STRENGTHS at Ryanair
1. Low costs
Ryanair stands out in the fact that it has the lowest unit cost when compared to all the other European airlines. Also, on a worldwide basis Ryanair has a distinctive factor of deploying their services by incurring low costs.
2. Low fares
For Ryanair, on a profitable basis, smaller costs facilitates to smaller fares. The average pricing at Ryanair is lower than any of its counter parts in Europe. Even after the inclusion of extra amenities like baggage costs, seat booking, on-board purchases and travel insurance, Ryanair 's revenue per passenger is lesser when compared to the other contenders in the European market.
3. Size
One of the advantageous features of Ryanair is that it is the biggest short-haul airline network in Europe. With more than 1,600 routes across 30 countries in Europe and North Africa 186 airports (69 of them are ‘bases’, where Ryanair stations the aircraft and crew).
4. Fleet
The Boeing 737 is the only aircraft type deployed by Ryanair. Economies of scale and flexibility are some of the advantages of having a singly types of aircraft. It also eases the training mechanisms at the organization.
5. Management
With the disrptibe and stringent policies of leader and management

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