Swot Analysis Of Ryanair

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Ryanair is an Irish low fare airline which was founded and named by Ryan family in year 1984 with bases at Dublin and Stansted airports. Ryanair was bought into operations in the year 1985. From a small company, it has grown to a big carrier company across Europe. At first, the aircraft used to carry 15 seats from Waterford to Gatwick airport and back again for short distances. Passengers began to increase and they expanded their business from one country to another thus spreading across the whole Europe. In 1987, Michael O’Leary was appointed as tax and financial advisor of the company. In 1991, the company faced a lot of losses even when the passengers for their airlines were increasing so the work was given to Michael O’Leary to take company out of losses and restructure it in a way to make profits. The company restructure their aircraft by removing frills, business class facility and started to operate in a single model of aircraft. By continuously using this low cost model, the company celebrated its 10th birthday in the year 1995 by carrying 2.25 million passengers.
Current strategy:
Ryanair’s organization currently works according to three strategies namely corporate strategy (Determining what the business will be in, with the help of explicit or implicit decision rules), business strategy (Development of business and sustaining competition within the industry for gaining advantages through business) and functional strategy (decisions made and
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