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Introduction Sabancı Holding, is the biggest industrial and financial accumulate in Turkey by profit.The holding is owned at about 61% by the Sabancı family, one of Turkey 's richest.The remaining 39% is listed in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST). Erol Sabancı family, Dılek Sabancı, Sebıl Sabancı, Sera Sabancı are major shareholders and represent the board, whereas, Omer Sabancı, Sevket Sabancı and Demet Sabancı family are shareholders who are not included in the board of members. Sabancı Holding taking controls 70 companies, many of which are accepted market leaders in their individual sectors. The group has roughly 65,000 employees and operates in 15 countries. 11 of its companies are also listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. The holding…show more content…
Target Group are users of banking and non-life insurance services, buyers of electricity and natural gas, users of cement and construction materials, retail buyers of technology products, rubber ındustrıes, buses and coach operators, consumers or tobacco products and education industry. Positioning are renewal with trust with an experienced and appointed team. SWOT Analysis Strength 1. Has an ıntense presence ın 15 countries of Europe, America, the Middle East, Asıa, and North Africa 2.Has a strong employee based of roughly over 60,000 3.Intense brand image and reputation 4. Has participated attempt with multinationals such as Ageas, Aviva, Bridgestone, Carrefour, City, Dia, Heidelberg Cement, Philip Morris and E.ON. 5. Controls almost 70 companies many of them are certificated market leaders 6. Recognized as a leader in confirmable operations 7. More than 10 companies under its operations that are listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. ( BIST ) Weakness 1.Profit margin is relatively less when compared to its competitors. 2. Deprecıatıng Turkısh Lıra as majority of the profit gained from Turkey. 3. Stagnation in Eurozone and economic unbalanced has affected operations.…show more content…
They have left behind a successful years in which they are grown, while also increasing their profitability and reach their targets in every business. Also to creating prolong advantage through differentiation that they have achieved competitive, innovative and sustainable growth. Sabancı Group will continue to increase their invest, grow and create value in every services and business area. In an effort to diversify the Sabancı brand in all business sector. Sabancı Holding focus correctly identifying the requirements of their customers and the marketplace, increasing ideas and products that will create value for businesses, and offering new business methods and new solutions. Sabancı Holding’s total compound investment spending during this past year was US$ 1.3 billion; they also expect to increase their combined investments to rise to US$ 1.4 billion in 2015. Sabancı Group, one of the leading institutions of “Corporate Turkey”, honored to create value for the Turkish economy with the hard work of its prised labor that is expected to top 64,000 employees.For those aims and expectations they are working hard and trying to be part of Turkey’s developing

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