Swot Analysis Of Samsung Electronics

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Samsung is the global leader in electronics. It has become this way by getting a jump start on new and innovative ideas way ahead of its competitors. They have a very strong business practice on surpassing its competitors. Some of the practices are great and others could be bad for the company in the long run. They are trying to become a monopoly over the electronics industry. One of Samsung practices is to start small. They create an idea that is very costly. They do this so that the competition is very limited. The cost to manufacture the idea is very high so few people can make the product. Samsung can afford to do this. This gives them a big advantage over all of the smaller companies out there competing for a part of the market share. This practice could in the long run be very costly to Samsung. They do not do a lot of research to see how well a product with be received by the public. They start selling their product to other companies, then they start to collect data to see how and what the industry wants and needs from the product they are trying to sell. This would cost them billions of dollars if the new product was a flop. Samsung has grown very fast in the mobile device electronics market. They have eliminated almost all of its competition. It has only one true competitor, who is Apple. Apple was the leader in mobile devices until Samsung started to invest into the market. Samsung is the major supplier of Apples components. With Apple relying on Samsung for
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