Situation Analysis Of Samsung

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1. Situation Analysis
Company Background & Products
The following consumer behavior report will go in depth into Samsung’s strength, weakness, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis, current and the future target market that needs to hit Samsung’s expectation. It also includes the consumer decision making process which makes their consumers being satisfied before and after getting the product. Adding on, it also includes consumer’s social & psychological influences on consumer buying behavior. It will also include several marketing strategy recommendations that Samsung can adopt in order to improve their sales and resolve all the issues faced by the company. Samsung sells quite a lot of gadget such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras and printer.
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Samsung explored various markets like food processing, retail, insurance, textiles and securities before entering the electronic industry in late 1960s. Samsung is the world’s largest technology company by revenues and also the world’s largest mobile phone and smartphone vendor. Samsung is the largest memory chip maker and TV manufacturer in the world. Samsung operates in over 80 countries and sells over 100 kinds of products which Samsung and its affiliated companies generate 20% of South Korea’s total exports. (Steve Kovach, 9th Feb 2013)

SWOT Analysis
The following SWOT Analysis below is to let us have a draft idea of Samsung’s current situation and what are the other things we can improve on. It consist of Samsung’s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. The following chart below can show us more.

Company 2013 (billions) Change from 2012 As a % of revenues 2014 (billions) Change from 2013 As a % of
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Personal Influences on Buying Behaviour
Age & Stages in Life Cycle:
People buy different goods and services over the years as they grow up. When they are young, they do not know what mobile phones are made of and would only know what’s a telephone is. Slowly when they are growing up, they would also need a mobile phone because it is much more convenient these days and parents would find it a better choice.

Occupation& Income:
A person’s occupation and income would reflect on what kind of products he/she would go. It would also reflect on his/her buying behaviour. A lot of people such as the working adults care about their image the most. For example, businessmen and managers. They would want to have higher class products. This would form the target market for Samsung as it is quite a popular brand in the market.

Lifestyles would reflect on how an individual lives in the society. Consumer’s daily activites, interests and opinions will determine her/his lifestyle. Samsung’s mobile phones would make consumer would make your life complete because it is affordable and the quality of the phone is very

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