Swot Analysis Of Samsung

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“To satisfy our shareholders and customers, what business process must we excel at?” this refers to the company’s most prioritized factor that defines “them” as “them”, A signature action that when people see it they go like “Oh it’s from DQ “ one example that can be cited is Dairy Queen. One of their most recognizable promotional lines are “If it’s not served upside down, It’s free!” this tagline clearly aims to poke the customers curiosity while inducing a sense of mystery and excitement by saying that you have a chance to get a free ice cream.

“To achieve our vision, how will we sustain our ability to change and improve?” this refers to the constant question that is necessary for any establishment, it is how and what will drive us to improve even more. The answer to this question lies within the mission and vision of the said company. The characteristics as well as other traits that define the establishment is what will affect the path that the company will partake on. For example Samsung has always made sure that innovation and new ideas are within reach with each product that they release they make sure that the product emits a sense of stylish innovation that makes the customer feeling special and satisfied. With this we can conclude that their driving force to innovate is to show a piece of future with every release therefor the prefix of their flagship products “galaxy”.

“To achieve our vision, how should we appear to our customers?” this concerns the appearance as
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