Swot Analysis Of Sassan Hotel

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1.0 Executive Summary 3
1.1 Introduction 4
2.0 Macro Environmental Analysis – P.E.S.T 5
2.1 Political 5
2.2 Economical 5
2.3 Social 5
2.4 Technological 6
3.0 Segmentation and Position 8
3.1 Demographic Segmentation 8
3.1.1 Age 8
3.1.2 Income 8
3.2 Psychographic Segmentation 8
4.0 Marketing Positioning 9
4.1 Location 9
4.2 Physical 9
4.3 Service 10
5.0 The 4P’s of Marketing 11
5.1 Product 11
5.2 Price 11
5.3 Place 12
5.4 Promotion 12
6.0 Key Objectives for Marina Mandarin Hotel 13
6.1 Marketing Objectives 13
6.2 Advertising and Creative Objective 13
7.0 Action Plan 15
8.0 Conclusions 16
9.0 References 17

1.0 Executive Summary
Our main
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Marina Mandarin Hotel fears that the hotel will be exposed to other people believing that this hotel is not good enough during the period where a lot of guests come here to stay at the hotel. Therefore the hotel can do some advertising efforts to attract more guests to stay at the hotel such as weekly promotions, the guest spends above a certain amount of money is eligible for a lucky draw or they can advertise on their website on what promotions the hotel is having right now and it can be advertise on television because it can pass the message to the people that this hotel is having a on-going…show more content…
The hotel have won many recognized awards throughout the years which made them well known locally and internationally.
Marina Mandarin will have a strong market segmentation as the hotel is able to understand the needs of their potential guests. The hotel is also very well known for its developed business class executive rooms catered especially to the business people.
Marina Mandarin previous marketing strategies have already made them reach a point where they are at the mature stage, if they do not come out with new marketing strategies, the hotel would lose its potential clients to other competitors and it will lead them to the decline stage.
Overall, Marina Mandarin is in a good marketing positioning as the hotel is strong in their service quality, location and other physical aspects which makes them a 5 star hotel in Singapore. Marina Mandarin should continue to make new improvements and get more achievements not only in local markets but also in international markets. In conclusion, if Marina Mandarin is able to adopt new marketing strategies, they would then be able to maintain their business in the mature stage and to continue in enhancing their brand name in the international

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