Swot Analysis Of Savid Samsung

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Samsung- “we are David Bailey” About the Product: Samsung launched its NX 1000 Smart Camera range in May, 2013 worth £ 55 million (Advertolog, n.d.). The NX 1000 is Samsung’s new entry level mirror-less compact camera with high resolution and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a plastics body with a 3 inch screen with sharp angles and a 330 shots battery life capacity according to Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) standards. The body of the camera has a textured finger grip on the rear of the camera making it easier to use. Other features include a shooting continuity of 8 frames per second (fps), 20.3 Advanced Photo System type-C sensors (APS-C), pop-up flash and Interchangeable lens. There are a number of lenses available by Samsung and other third party companies as well. The interchangeable lens has an “I-function” button which…show more content…
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