Swot Analysis Of Segway

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Light weight Segway scooter[india] Satish pandey Batch 97 marketing [product and brand management assignment] New Product Development  Idea Generation  Idea Screening  Concept Development and Testing  Marketing Strategy Development  Business Analysis  Product Development  Test Marketing  Commercialization Segway Introduction Segway Inc., a US-based international company, is named after its flagship product, the Segway Personal Transporter (PT), the first self-balancing transportation device in the world. The company was founded by Dean Kamen in 1999 with the vision to develop highly-efficient, zero-emission transportation solutions using “dynamic stabilization” technology. Segway went on sale for the first time to the public on Amazon.com in 2002. Segway has a worldwide distribution presence in 60 countries, including South Africa. Over 1,000 police and security agencies are using Segway PT’s in their patrolling operations worldwide. Stage 1 – Idea Generation This stage deals with innovational activities like coming up with new product lines,changes in the marketing strategy,new business plans etc. For india several efforts can be taken to guage the anticipated response from the customers with the help of different public surveys ,hiring research companies ,SWOT analysis etc. Stage 2-idea screening It is vital to have all the information before launching any product in a price sensitive market like India

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