Swot Analysis Of Sein Talone

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To be able to make effective marketing strategy, and to know potential consumers of Sein-Talone, the author conducted market segmentation, targeting and positioning on Japan market. Market Segmentation In Demographic factors Income level, age, and population are considered, ⇨ Medium to high-income customers ⇨ Working adults to retiree ⇨ Highly populated urban area ⇨ High priced produce. ⇨ They have the stable source of income. ⇨ To get desirable customer traffic. In Psychographic factors, values and beliefs are considered, ⇨ Quality driven ⇨ Health conscious ⇨ Sein Talone is the premium priced quality product. In Geographic factors accessibility, customer traffic, and population density are considered ⇨ Tokyo, Shinjuku. ⇨ Easy access to distribution channel ⇨ One hour drive from airport ⇨ Accessible to national highway ⇨ Economic hub of Tokyo ⇨ Rail traffic hub commuting 3.64 million people per day. (railway-technology, 2010) Source: Google Map. Source: Google Map. Targeting Three major types of customers are targeted, 1. Middle income to high-income businessmen and women, who will buy Sein Talone for the purpose of gifting. 2. Affluent housewives. 3. B-to-B customers: Gourmet restaurants, hotels, and patisseries. Positioning ⇨ Luxury food for gifting ⇨ Sell highest quality top notch fruit. ⇨ Premium pricing ⇨ High quality, high price combination. Will be positioned at the same place with Sembikiya and Ja Fukuoka Ooki. (j-fruits, 2016) Price Because of

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