Swot Analysis Of Seylan Bank

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Executive Summary
Any business organization depends on its resources and there are four main resources namely, they are financial, physical, information and human. Among those resource corporate communications is the only resource to control the company’s future expectations. Therefore communication resource should be in high quality and higher standards in doing day to day business in the present competitive market environment.
Hence Seylan Bank should be more concerned in connected corporate communication strategies where the failure of such policies will direct to reduce the companies’ overall efficiency as well as its productivity.
Hence as a commercial bank it is very important to identify the necessity and the importance of corporate
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2. Seylan Bank Vision, Mission and Values Our Vision Statement
• To be Sri Lanka’s leading financial services provider as recognized by all our stake holders.

Our Mission Statement
• We provide our customers with financial services that meet their needs in terms of value, pricing, delivery, and service.

• We will do so through a team of Seylan Bankers who are recognized and rewarded for results orientation.

• We will ensure that our efforts translate to meeting the expectations of our shareholders, whilst always acting as responsible corporate citizens.

Our Values
• High Ethical and professional conduct.
• Passion for excellence.
• Courage to adapt to change.
• Continuous Improvement.
• Mutual respect and trust.
• Building lasting relationship. 2.1 Overview of the Seylan bank Chief Executive
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- “Cool Cash” saving account. - “Seylan Harasara” saving account.
• Current accounts Foreign Currency Accounts
• NRFC accounts.
• RFC accounts.
• FEEA foreign exchange earners accounts.
• SFIDA foreign nationals’ non residents account.
• RNNFC foreign nationals’ residents account. Bank Deposits
• Fixed deposits
• Call deposits
• Certificate of deposits
• Foreign Currency fixed deposits
Bank Credit & Debit Card Facilities
• Seylan Visa Credit Card -
• Seylan Visa Debit Card -
• Seylan Visa Prepaid Rupee Card-
• Seylan Visa Traveller’s Card-
• Seylan Visa Multi Currency Travel Card-

Bank Corporate and Retail Credits
• Personal Loans
• Housing Loans- “Seylan Siri Niwasa”
• Education Loans- “ Seylan Scholar”
• Corporate Banking Services -Import & Export Trade financing.
-Providing Fixed Capital /Working Capital opportunities.
-Other Services (Obtaining status reports on foreign buyers for clients.

Additional Services
• Pawn Broking
• Lease Facilities
• Project
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